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Residential Services

Our Residential services comprise of:

Breaker panel upgrade,

Breaker panels have changed a lot over the years and so have our lifestyles, as our lifestyles have changed so have our demands on our electrical systems. with increased use of electrical equipment more power is required and most older panels cannot supply the circuits required to supply our modern lifestyles.

WG Electrical Residential can come to your residence and assess what upgrades would be required to optimize your electrical system. 

With most of our modern lifestyle being based on electronics electrical surges can kill our equipment, therefore we recommend fitting a whole home surge protector.

Residential electrical Systems.

Panel Upgrades and changes, new circuits, new builds, Smart home systems, distributed media, Data cabling for phones and computers. New services.

Electrical inspections 

your electrical system is the heart of your home and powers your modern lifestyle so you need it to be in "tip top" condition, WG Electrical Residential can come to your home and preform a full test and inspection and create a report of its condition.  

Generator panels.

Generators are a great addition to any home, what is better than sitting in light when there is a storm going on outside, WG Electrical Residential can fit a generator panel, a transfer switch or a full back up system.

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