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Quarrying and Batching plants

Our Quarrying and Batching plant services comprise of:

Control Panel Construction and design,

All control panels are designed in house using AutoCAD or E-PLAN software and all panels can be CSA certified.

Electrical inspections and drawing services

WG understand that older electrical systems will have been modified over the years and these changes may not have been documented, we can help with that, we can inspect your systems and create AS-BUILT documentation making troubleshooting easier, we can also upgrade and modify your systems and produce documentation for all changes   

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WG can custom build batching desks and control consoles and and maintain the instrumentation and and control systems. 

Shift cover 

WG can provide shift cover for vacations and sickness for maintenance personnel 

Past work carried out by WG
Silo Protection panel

Silo Protection systems.

As the majority of silos are not pressure rated vessels they can rupture at pressures as low as 1 or 2 psi.

Without some form of safety systems in place there is a risk of fatal injury to staff, damage to equipment, product loss and environmental pollution.

WEcan provide install and maintain silo protection systems to ensure the 100% of air blown into a silo comes out, and if  it does not then the system is shut down.

Our PLC controlled system monitors pressure and level and ties into the filter unit, the system can also be custom configured to give remote alarms  and to monitor other devices to provide further protection.

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