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Industrial and Commercial Services

Our industrial and Commercial services comprise of:

Control Panel Construction and design,

All control panels are designed in house using AutoCAD or E-PLAN software and all panels can be CSA certified.

Industrial electrical Systems.

Our in depth understanding of industrial electrical systems means we know how your system should operate and how it should be maintained.   

Commercial electrical Systems.

System Upgrades, new circuits, Conduit, cable management, Lighting controls, Energy saving controls and optimization, Electrical System health checks, Portable appliance inspections, Maintenance to comply with  CSA Z463.   

Electrical inspections and drawing services

WG understand that older electrical systems will have been modified over the years and these changes may not have been documented, we can help with that, we can inspect your systems and create AS-BUILT documentation making troubleshooting easier, we can also upgrade and modify your systems and produce documentation for all changes   

Control Panel and machine upgrades 

Older control panels an make upgrades difficult as space as space can be an issue, WG can re-build control panels and upgrade the components and release valuable space, using new components and new control techniques space can be saved allowing for additional equipment to be added.

Control system upgrades.

Older control systems can be slow and need lots of manual input to run, upgrading to PLC control and upgrading control systems can increase the speed of the process.

Safety system upgrades.

Older control systems can lack modern safety systems and can be hazardous to use, WG can modify machines and fit additional safety systems  such as  emergency stop buttons, door interlocks, pull cords for conveyors among others. Pilz relays can add monitored safety circuits.

Upgrades and energy saving 

Using PLC controllers we can control lighting systems to turn on and off lighting during daylight hours so as to maximize daylight, we can also cycle the lights so there is even wear on lamps.

Example: If a warehouse or store has rows of lights and the lights are spread across 3 phases using sensors, 1 phase at a time can be turned off as the daylight increases. using the PLC control the phases can be rotated daily so the same phase does not lead each day.

Using LED lighting further energy saving can be achieved.

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