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Testing and Inspection

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Our Testing and Inspection services

comprise of:

Installation Healthcheck

In this day and age we rely and expect more from our Electrical Systems more than ever before. WG Can carry out a full electrical test and inspection on your system and give a health certificate and find problems before they cause serious issues.

Each health check will test all the electrical wiring and give a report and certificate.

Do you ever wonder if that GFCI will trip when it needs to, our advanced test meters can test the GFCI and make sure it will trip at the right current in the right amount time.


When Testing and inspection is carried out in conjunction with thermal imaging a complete picture can be seen of how your system is performing. 

With our knowledge and test equipment we can perform power quality analysis on electrical systems to ensure the system is running at peak performance 

Testing inspection and maintenance 

Our standards of testing, services we offer and documentation provided meet or exceed CSA requirements as set down in CSA Z463-13, we can develop maintenance guidelines and assist with maintenance to keep systems healthy for many years to come. 

Battery load testing

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